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Billboard Maintenance and Repair

It’s an inevitability that your billboards are going to need maintenance or repair after they have been up for an extended period of time in the elements. Even billboards made with the most high-quality materials can become damaged by external forces outside of your control. No company will want to leave a damaged billboard up, as it may create a safety hazard and a loss of revenue.

Justice Advertising Management knows what works and what doesn't work with your billboards. We apply our unique and comprehensive strategies so that your billboards remain eye-catching, safe, and upgraded to the latest standards. There are many older billboards that weren't designed to wrap in a vinyl face and Justice Advertising Management can fix that.

When our billboard repair professionals looks over your billboard to determine what kind of maintenance work needs to be done to restore it to its former glory, they’ll  know how to fix issues related to exterior lighting, structure, catwalks, electrical work, and more. We provide billboard maintenance and repair for existing structures to keep your sign looking like new.

Our billboard maintenance and repair services include welding, painting, securing, removal and replacement of any visual or structural components, electrical components, and brush removal so your sign has complete physical and visual access. Line of Site Enhancement and Location Access is quite possibly the most important aspect of an advertisement.

After all, how effective is your ad when no one can see or use it? We don't let our billboards get overgrown by trees or surrounding plant life. We remove branches and trees that might obstruct the view of your advertisement, as well as brush and debris. We haul off any obstruction of your advertisement, as well as mow and weed eat around your ad.

Catwalk Maintenance and Repair

Billboard Maintenance and Repair

Billboards are huge, tall advertisements that require the use of catwalks to properly be used. Catwalks need to be safely installed and maintained at all times to ensure worker and pedestrian safety when the billboard is in use. The OSHA catwalk standards are in place to ensure safe and healthful working and walking conditions for men and women using catwalks on billboards.

Trust your catwalk safety to Justice Advertising Management, and allow us to install and maintain your billboard's catwalks. We offer a broad line of services for the billboard advertising industry. Our commitment to quality and service are second to none.

Storm Damage Repairs

Billboards play a major role in advertising on freeways in urban and rural areas alike. Eventually a strong storm comes to your area and your billboard is left damaged. Now, you're searching where to turn for billboard repairs. Justice Advertising Management will go survey the damage that your billboard has taken and then discuss your options with you. From there, Justice Advertising Management will send our responsible and reliable professionals out to repair your billboard better than before with safety and functionality in mind.

Before you know it, your billboard and advertisement will be back to attracting new customers. Don't let storm damage stop you from getting the recognition your business deserves. Instead, call Justice Advertising Management to repair the damage and get your business back on it's feet.

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